Social Value Creation Research

New Frontiers of Studies on Fair Society Values and Public Vision in the age after COVID 19

  • Principal Investigator

    Professor / Jiro MIZUSHIMA

  • Affiliation

    Graduate School of Social Sciences / Research Institute of Disaster Medicine

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In the current age of globalization, we are witnessing the growing need to ensure that people from all cultures, countries, and backgrounds are treated fairly. The basic concept of our research program is “fairness.” We define fairness as the basic element of justice, but it comprises more than justice, embracing values such as equality and liberty.

Our focus is on challenging and overcoming unfair practices on all scales, investigating issues such as gender inequality, widening income gaps, migration, and the collapse of regional and marginal communities, both in Japan and around the world. In doing so, we seek to identify the development, transformation, and limitations of existing welfare state models and provide empirical evidence for how a fair society can be achieved in the 21st century. Special emphasis will be placed on “well-being” and values, because “fairness” is intrinsically related to people’s subjective judgment. Objective equality does not always guarantee a subjective feeling of fairness. The vision of a fair society should include both objective fairness and a subjective sense of fairness.

We plan to broaden our networks of academics across the globe. To this end, we have hosted seven successful international symposiums. Our present team consists of an economist, political scientist, philosopher of law, and psychologist. Our project has published books and papers in both Japanese and English based on our research outcomes, and we plan further publications to better reach a broader public. We welcome those interested in all aspects of social science from law and politics to sociology and economics.

New Developments in the Study of Fair Society - Value Consciousness and Public Vision in the Post-Corona Era
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New Developments in the Study of Fair Society - Value Consciousness and Public Vision in the Post-Corona Era
Mizushima, Yonemura, and Kobayashi (eds.), Vision of a Just Society, Akashi Shoten, 2021.
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