Satomi YODA Assistant Professor

Satomi YODA

Satomi YODA
Assistant Professor

  • Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Graduate School of Nursing

  • Keywords

    Whole person, Dignity, Patient-Nurse Relationship, Partnership, Communication, Intensive Care Unit

  • Professional Memberships

    Japan Academy of Critical Care Nursing, The Japanese society of Intensive Care Medicine, Japan Academy of Nursing Science, Chiba Academy of Nursing Science

Research Theme

Whole-Person Care for Patients with Communication Difficulties in the Intensive Care Unit


Critically ill patients and those with life-threatening conditions are admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). Typically, more than half of these patients have difficulty communicating. ICUs are also environments in which treatment is the priority, and as such, maintenance of ICU patients’ dignity in all situations might be difficult; ICU patients globally experience a threat to their humanity. To address this issue, I am exploring approaches to preserve the dignity and whole-person care of ICU patients.

Administering care in an equitable relationship between patients and nurses contributes to the well-being of not only the patients but also their families and nurses. Therefore, I am focusing on ICU patient-nurse partnerships and developed the guidelines for whole-person care. In the future, I will verify the usefulness and effectiveness of these guidelines during implementation.

Simultaneously, I am examining biological responses, such as electrodermal activity, in patients who have difficulty communicating. I am also actively seeking patent feedback on their care evaluations and establishing methods to improve the quality of care.