Taichi SATO Assistant Professor

Taichi SATO

Taichi SATO
Assistant Professor

  • Chiba University Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Graduate School of Nursing

  • Keywords

    Caring, Vulnerable Individuals and families, Public Health Nurse, Case Conference, On the Job Training (OJT), Social justice

  • Professional Memberships

    Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing, Japan Academy of Public Health Nursing, Japanese Society of Public Health, Chiba Academy of Nursing Science, Japan Academy of Nursing Education

Research Theme

Implementation of a Case Conference Model as On-the-Job Training to Promote Caring for Vulnerable Individuals and Families by Public Health Nurses


Vulnerable Individuals and Families (VIF), who may have experienced domestic violence, including child abuse, or who are living with mental illness, often require care from others but tend to be isolated from society and the community. Consequently, they are often unable to receive the necessary care, or merely seek help from support organizations, believing that receiving care may not improve their situation.

In Japan and around the world, public health nurses (PHNs) exist as professionals who provide care to VIF through outreach (delivery of care from the professional side). Those PHNs realize social justice by protecting the well-being of VIF. However, due to the increasing complexity of issues faced by VIF, PHNs also face difficulties in providing care to VIF.

In a previous study, we developed an on-the-job training (OJT) case conference model based on the caring theory. In this study, we aim to verify the effectiveness of the model and subsequently disseminate it to various regions. Our long-term goal is to make this model applicable to other care professions.