Koki TSUYUZAKI Project Lecturer


Project Lecturer

  • Chiba University Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Graduate School of Medicine

  • Keywords

    Multivariate analysis, Software development, Data integration, Open-source software, Bioinformatics, (single-cell) omics, Non-model organism, Cell-cell interaction, Microbiology, Pharmacology

  • Professional Memberships

    Japanese Society for Bioinformatics

Research Theme

Tensor Decomposition in Medical Data Analysis


In life sciences, various biomolecules and phenomena are measured, including genome sequences contained in the nucleus of cells and RNA molecules transcribed from them. These data are closely related to each other and have complex structures. However, it is still unclear how to analyze such complex data structures.

In this research, I capture all data as a mathematical framework called "tensor" and apply an algorithm called tensor decomposition. By using this approach, I expect that all types of life science data can be analyzed in a unified manner using the same method. At Chiba University, I will use tensor decomposition to tackle various medical data analysis problems, and gain new insights into the field of medicine.