Takahiro KAGEYAMA Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

  • Chiba University Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Chiba University Hospital

  • Keywords

    Respiratory Epithelial Cells, Epigenetics

  • Professional Memberships

    The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japan College of Rheumatology, Japanese Society of Allergology, Japanese Society of Immunology

Research Theme

Establishment of novel treatment for airway inflammation by targeting the epigenetic modifications of airway epithelial cells


Asthma, even if the condition is stable, can lead to acute exacerbation triggered by respiratory infections. On the other hand, asthma is a risk factor for contracting and exacerbating respiratory infections. The mechanism of mutual exacerbation between asthma and respiratory infections is thought to contribute to the refractory of asthma, and many studies have been conducted on this topic for a long time.

Recently, it has been shown that airway epithelial cells derived from asthma patients exhibit delayed virus infection responses compared to those derived from healthy individuals. On the other hand, in the skin, it has been reported that epithelial stem cells can remember past inflammation through epigenetic changes* and alter their reactivity in response to subsequent inflammation.

Therefore, this study aims to comprehensively analyze the molecular mechanism of airway epithelial cell inflammation memory caused by allergic airway inflammation under the hypothesis that "inflammation memory of airway epithelial cells through epigenetic changes caused by allergic inflammation affects the severity of subsequent airway inflammation," and to establish a basis for strategies to suppress severe airway inflammation.