Xiaofang ZHANG Assistant Professor

Xiaofang ZHANG

Xiaofang ZHANG
Assistant Professor

  • Chiba University Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Graduate School of Social Sciences

  • Keywords

    Environmental policy evaluation, Global warming countermeasures, Emissions trading system

  • Professional Memberships

    Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The Japan Society of International Economics

Research Theme

International Comparative Study on Emissions Trading System: Focusing on Japan, China, and EU


Global warming has become one of the most pressing environmental issues that affect the foundation of human existence. My research focuses on solutions to these global warming issues by conducting comparative international research on global warming countermeasures and making policy recommendations based on the research results.

The Emissions Trading System (ETS) is one of my main research themes. The ETS can achieve reduction targets at a lower cost than the regulatory approach by allowing the trading of Greenhouse Gases covered by the system among those regulated. Furthermore, the ETS not just provides an economic incentive by pricing carbon but is also expected to generate innovation and increase government revenue. However, the experiences of countries or regions that have introduced ETS show various issues, such as "trading volume is low" and " trading prices are low." I am conducting both quantitative and qualitative research to address these issues and trying to make policy recommendations based on my findings.