Natsuko OHTAKI Assistant Professor

Natsuko OHTAKI

Natsuko OHTAKI
Assistant Professor

  • Chiba University Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Graduate School of Medicine

  • Keywords

    Cell-cell interaction, Intercellular network, 1-cell RNA sequencing analysis

  • Professional Memberships

    Japanese Society for Immunology

Research Theme

Reconstruction of High-Resolution Cellular Networks by Comprehensive and Parallel Single Cell-Cell Interaction Analysis


Life phenomena are based on networks established by accumulating various intercellular interactions mediated by cytokines and cell adhesion factors.

Therefore, understanding this network is essential for explicating homeostasis, pathogenic mechanisms, and pharmaceutical development.

For this goal, it is necessary to construct a network that mimics the actual biological environment.

However, since one-to-one interactions between all cell types must be measured comprehensively and in large quantities, data acquisition is not easy and has yet to be realized.

In this study, we aim to develop a technological platform that enables comprehensive and rapid screening of one-to-one interactions between all cell types to construct the world's first ultra-precise intercellular network.

For this purpose, we will develop a DNA labeling technology to link cell type combination information to one-cell phenotype information for any cell pair co-cultured in micro droplets.