Allam Srinivasa RAO Lecturer

Allam Srinivasa RAO

Allam Srinivasa RAO

  • Chiba University Institute for Advanced Academic Research / Molecular Chirality Research Center

  • Keywords

    Nonlinear optics, Structured beam optics, Classical optics, Laser engineering, Bio-photonics, Light-matter interaction

  • Professional Memberships

    Optical Society of America

Research Theme

Generation of wavelength tunable structured modes and their application to material science


My research focuses on fundamental and applied optics, using lasers and materials.

I would say that it begins with lasers and ends with the interaction of light and matter.

By studying how light and matter interact, we can better understand the optical properties of materials under both linear and nonlinear processes.

This understanding of the optical properties of materials will help promote its applications to scientific and industrial fields.

Specifically, by irradiating structured beams, various types of micro/nano-sized plasmonic structures can be created in materials such as azopolymer films, silver, gold, and silicon.

Additionally, controlling the chirality of light-generated nanostructures may generate new structures such as planar chiral metamaterials, plasmonic nanostructures, and planner metamaterials.

These structures can be applied to bioimaging to modulate the intensity distribution of probe laser light through diffractive optical elements, improving image quality.

By adjusting the shape of the interacting laser beams, the lateral resolution of biological tissue and the quality of three-dimensional images can be improved.

This research is expected to contribute to a deeper understanding of biological tissues using laser light with adjustable wavelengths and structures.