Special Seminar with Professor Rajat Mittal, Johns Hopkins University

The unceasing growth in computational power and the development of new software tools and numerical algorithms is opening up exciting areas of research, discovery & translation in mechanics and biomedical engineering.

Consider the mammalian heart, which has been sculpted by millions of years of evolution into a flow pump par excellence. During the typical lifetime of a human, the heart will beat over three billion times and pump enough blood to fill over sixty Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Each of these billions of cardiac cycles is itself a manifestation of a complex and elegant interplay between several distinct physical domains including electrophysiology, muscle mechanics, hemodynamics, flow-induced valves dynamics, acoustics, and biochemistry. Computational models provide the ability to explore such multi-physics problems with unprecedented fidelity and precision.

In my talk, I will describe several projects that demonstrate the application of powerful computational tools to problems ranging from clot formation, and heart murmur detection, to anomalous function of implanted heart valves. Application of these tools to problems in other arenas of mechanics such as bio-locomotion, fluid-structure interaction, and energy harvesting will also be discussed.

About this event

  • Date&Time: June 12, 2019. 15:00–16:00
  • Venue: 1F Sho-in Hall, Nishi-Chiba Campus.
  • This seminar is open to public and the advanced registration is not necessary.
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