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Message from the Director of Institute for Global Prominent Research

Chiba University has been promoting education and research in cooperation with other academic institutions in the world. Since the third mid-term goal period of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) commenced in 2016, Japan’s national universities have been divided into three categories based on the direction of strengthening their core competencies. Chiba University was placed the category of universities conducting the world’s top-class education and research. In keeping with that designation Institute for Global Prominent Research (IGPR) was established with the aim of promoting globally excellent research.

IGPR consists of Research Division, Management Division and Next Generation Research Incubator, which supports prospective research areas (leading research) in the next generation. In this system, the management division which includes external research advisors selects research projects collaboratively designed by Chiba University’s researchers. The selected projects are preferentially given the eligibility to receive various range of supports from Chiba University.

Through the establishment of IGPR to promote the world prominent research projects, Chiba University contributes to society by creation of innovation and fostering prospective world-level researchers. I strongly hope that this message will help you to have a deeper appreciation of Chiba University’s front edge research activities, and I would really appreciate your continuous support to Chiba University.